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LCSMK1d (KeyMod) and Surefire UE07 - Combo
$ 113.99

$ 130.00

LCSMK1d (KeyMod) and Surefire UE07 - Combo


This kit converts your "push button" Surefire Scout light into a tape-switch controlled system. This also works with the Haley Strategic Partners/Impact Weapons Components  Backbones and the Arisaka Light Bodies as well. 

This kit works on the 300 and 600 series light bodies.

The Surefire UE-07 is comprised of the socketed tailcap needed and ST-07 tape switch that our LCSmk1 is designed for. 

We are offering our LCS at a discount with this kit in order to respect Surefire's pricing requirements and still give you the best-possible value. 

The full-kit saves you 15 dollars on the price of a normal LCS. 

And that price is shipped to your door.