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Light Control System with Integrated Cable Channels (LCS)


The Light Control System (LCS) Overview:

The tape switch offers an exceptional method of weapon light activation, particularly under stress or during rapid fire. However, poor mounting solutions and sloppy cable control have driven many away from the benefits a tape switch offers.

We addressed those issues directly with the LCS. You now truly have optimal control over your weapon light and its configuration by securing the tape switch properly to your weapon and pinning excess cable under the mount and out of your way. No more snagging the cable or fraying the cable in training or on missions. No more settling on a weapon light configuration.

The LCS. The strongest, most reliable tape switch mount with the option of Integrated Cable Control. Two problems solved with one product.

  • Unique and proprietary Patent-Pending design allows for a one-piece mount for a given interface (Picatinny, KeyMod, M-Lok). It gives us superior strength and ensures the mount can not come off your rifle unless you unscrew it and slide it off the rail on purpose.
  • Precision CNC machined from Certified 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength.
  • Mil-Spec Type III Hard anodized finish for the durability and wear resistance that you demand.
  • Mil-Spec Manganese Phosphate finish applied to the hardened screws for superior corrosion resistance. (MIL-STD-171).
  • Proprietary dual Integrated Cable Channels on both the right and left side of the mount allow you to run your light cable on either side of the mount. And you can use the second channel to route IR cables if that applies.
  • Locks up 100% to your weapon. Zero movement. Zero play. Virtually indestructible.
  • Radiused/chamfered edges ensure comfort and ergonomic function. The LCSmk1 and LCSmk2 can be mounted in either direction, based on your preference/needs. 
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